Valyou’ New Foundry Brand is One-Stop Online Shop for Loft Furniture

In response to the growing appeal of urban loft living, Valyou Furniture recently launched a new brand. The Foundry is now part of the large and growing Valyou family that caters to an exceptional lot of loft owners and renters, a group that has succumbed to the charm of the so-called ‘Industrial chic’ style.

The Foundry is a one-stop loft furniture supply source offering the fullest collection of furnishing items in categories from the living room to storage, from the office to bedroom, and the dining. It also may provide—on special request—an interior designer specializing in loft interiors. The Foundry collection of industrial-style furniture will accentuate the rugged beauty of a loft— glazed walls, exposed brick, high concrete ceilings, visible wiring and plumbing, huge windows. So your loft design exercise may turn into a turn-key project, thanks to Foundry.
Valyou designers have put much love and thought into its industrial line combining warm and elegant leather, cold iron elements that make their furniture very sturdy and long-lasting, and hi-tech aluminum finishing that is lightweight, strong, and requires minimal maintenance.

Every piece in the new Foundry collection possesses an unmistakable identity, be it an Imbrie Cabinet elegantly holstered in vintage leather, a sturdy yet stylish steel-plated Portage chest, a hovering Elms lounge chair, or a Large Cargo cabinet the shape of a shipping container to bring about the loft spirit; every piece is one-of-a-kind and a perfect fit with the Industrial chic interior design concept.

With the advent of Valyou’s Foundry, there is no need to go elsewhere to furnish the loft of your dream. The Foundry is the final destination in the search for industrial space interior design as it blends modern style, immaculate taste, and vintage references,

To learn more about Foundry industrial furniture collection from Valyou Furniture, go to their website and enjoy your next loft design project.

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